• Transportation with canvas-top semi trailers, large-volume heavy trucks and trailers
  • Transportation with refrigerating / freezing semi trailers
  • Transportation with tipping semi trailers and walking-floor semi trailers
  • Transportation with food transportation tank trucks and other trucks adapted for food transportation

We provide comprehensive forwarding and haulage services both domestic and international but we can even ensure sea transport. Operation of all vehicles is controlled by a team of professional and experienced controllers from the company headquarters in Náchod, Czech Republic.

Our canvas-top trucks, heavy trucks and trailers as well as refrigerating semi-trailers are also adapted for transportation of dangerous goods (ADR). For detailed information about all types of our vehicles click "Our Fleet".

Absolute majority of our road tractors and flat trucks have made a full service contract with the seller. Such a contract guarantees that the vehicle is serviced all over Europe in case of a defect. Rutine maintenance of mainly towed vehicles is then carried out by the service company of DÍTĚ LOGISTIC s.r.o In order to minimize environmental impacts, older vehicles in our fleet are regularly exchanged for brand new ones. Already now, most vehicles in our fleet meet the Euro 6 Emission Standard. Each vehicle is provided with the GPS monitoring and satellite communication systems so that the controller in the control room has on-line real-time information about the current position of the truck including unlimited communication with the driver. These data can even be made accessible to important customers of ours. As a precaution, all drivers have their mobile phones in case the satellite communication failed.